Thursday, June 23, 2011

Serially cerulean

Tonight is Sankt Hans night in Scandinavia: a celebration of midsummer with necklaces of bonfires along the beaches. At this time of year time warps and leaks between blue dusks and dawns. It reminds me of the Strøm Festival last year, where, in a twilit rose garden, we had one shimmery set after another, from To Rococo Rot, Mount Kimbie, Four Tet and Pantha du Prince. This mix is in that mood. Happy solstice.

Serially Cerulean

Our Last Day Together - Gentleforce

Drum Machines and Glockenspiel - Fridge

Marimba Night No. 1 - Alex Kjellgren

In The Meadow Under the Stars - Skirt

Skeletons - Julien Aubert

Almost Nothing - Adultnapper

Anaxagoras - Peter Kirn

Balldate (Klute Remix) - Douglas Greed

Life Magazine (First Flash Remix) - Cold Cave

Nymbiotic - Acid Pauli

Atomit - Ø

Flashforward - Alva Noto

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