Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review 2011

This year I’ve purchased fewer records, trawled through a lot more music online, and continued to marvel at reissues from Latin America and Africa, (largely)from the 60s and 70s. This mix has been leavened by a good deal of exploring amongst my vinyl collection. A lot of my listening has been to artists who are, for me, tried and trusted. I wonder to what extent this is a reaction to digital overload and a developing ruthlessness towards sounds that don’t ring my bell. And still, there are such a lot of sounds that do. For instance, the annual 100 seems astonishingly rich.

Thanks for the music

Gives me solace on the long winter nights

Amadou Ballake -what a voice! and this track is just so tight. Off the excellent Analog Africa compilation, Bambara Mystic Soul - The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974 - 1979

A track which typifies the raw energy of Columbian music from Cartagena

More from Cartagena, courtesy of Soundway Records. Impossible to resist!

One of the biggest tunes of the year for me. Heartening to hear someone who has been around for some time still producing great music

Take me back, take me back!

Off the Xango ep. More creamy delights from Jan Jelinek

Swoon! From her self-titled album on perlon

Warm housey goodness on an excellent ep- Chicago II

Like Pansonic discovering funk. Off a great album . I just love this

More from Mr Snaith and simply irresistible.

Because I only discovered it this year,because it stirs, and contains a reference to the horses coming.