Sunday, November 27, 2011

Autonomous Aethernaut

In the aeons I’ve been away, this mix has struggled against earthly ties towards the limen of our universe. Disc 1, like all journeys into space, starts with rockety gusto, but all too soon settles, unsettled, into capsular claustrophobia. In space we have to make our own spass. Somehow retro-futuristically we get to the moon. But [spoiler!] it does not satisfy our sehnsucht and we come over all Major Tom and blast off again to the unknown. Disc 2 brings us to the blissed out eternity of home-from-home suspension, our endless exploration of…what? However far we go there is no escape from the earthbound voices. Space is our planet: we live there, we eat there, we bathe there.

Disc 1. Voyage to the Moon

I Remember Sputnik – KonstigKatt

Lift Off – Ribs

Space Oddity – David Bowie

Laika – Phantasystem

Soyuz One – State of Monc

Salute to the Communist Party – Soyuz-1, 18.035 MHz, 23 April 1967

Yuri's Dream – Erdem Helvacioglu, Sarp Keskiner, Ozun Usta & Umut Caglar

Inserting the Galactic Disc – Zonotope

I Lovely Cosmonaut – Monstrance

The East is Red – China-1, 20.009 MHz, 25 April 1970

Future Transport Shuttle Pod – [Sci Fi Sound Effects]

Space Oddity (Un Homme a Disparu dans le Ciel) – Palaprat

I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet (Gold Panda Remix) – The Field

Teenage Spaceman (Booka in Space Mix) – Booka Shade

Welcome to Lunar Industries – Clint Mansell

Fly Me to the Moon – Suzanne Grzanna

Viaje a la Luna – Bruno Pronsato

Luna – Pier Bucci & Jacek Sienkiewicz

The Eagle has Landed – Tranquillity Base, 20 July 1969

One Small Step – Neil Armstrong

Luna – Gultskra Artikler

Take-off from the Moon – Journey into Space cast

Space – Jah Wobble

Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst) – Peter Schilling

Mothership to Solaris – The Exaltics

Polaris (Hecq Remix) – Frank Bretschneider

Major Tom – The Peptides

Disc 2. Space is my Planet

Major Tom – The Peptides

Space Walk – Lemon Jelly

Satellite – Dorit Chrysler

Space Walker – Aether Generator

Space Station –Walter Schumann Voices & Paul Frees

Odyssee – Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

Earth People (Earth Planet Mix) – Dr Octagon

The Splendour – Pantha Du Prince

Photons from my Window – Aoki Takamasa

Space Oddity – Emilie Simon

Saturn Radio Emissions – [No Station ID]

Space is the Place – Sun Ra & The Solar Arkestra

Man Must Explore – Dave Scott, Apollo-15, 31 July 1971

Crossing of the Sun Ra Nebula – Shifted Phases

Falling to Weightlessness – Kontext

Wanderers – Carl Sagan

Kometenmelodie 1 – Kraftwerk

Marvels of Scientific Advance – Dwight Eisenhower, SCORE, 19 December 1958

The Internationale – Luna-10, 183.5 MHz, 3 April 1966

Greeting to the Scandinavian People – Vostok-3, 20.006 MHz, 13 August 1962

Getting Hot – Valentina Tereshkova, Vostok-6, 20.006 MHz, 16 June 1963

Magnificent Desolation – Buzz Aldrin

The Comet Song – Björk

Skyshapes – Skyscaper

Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

Galactic Blob – Sleeparchive

Space Oddity – Langley Schools Music Project

Voice from Planet Love – Precious System