Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chip in the Old Block

August has not been a great month for making mixes - too busy doing as little as possible. So here's one I made earlier, for my new friend Andy, who dwells somewhere out there in the extended mind. Or in there in the embodied technology. Here’s to your ‘ggggrrrrrrrrrr’.

Chip in the Old Block

Alva Noto – Autoshape

Alex Smoke – Dimbulb

Ilyah & Ltd. Candy – Machines And Ghosts

Plimsoul – Bird

Kate Simko – Machine War

Mark Henning – I Lost My Brain At Wrinchout

Pole – Alles Gute

Bogger – Honz

Sleeparchive – Galactic Blob

Clark – Seaweed

Sub Dub – Dancehall Malfunction

Burial – Ghost Hardware

Plastikman – Okx