Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The hippocampus is a paired structure, with mirror-image halves in the left and right sides of the brain. This mix is a tribute to good speakers.


Wrong - Abstract Elementz

Désorienté - Galerie Stratique

Isotope - Function

Sarg Wualb - Olene Kadar

Phased Out, Oscillation, Funkalogic,

Monoplex, Multiplex, Panback,

Blue: Prussian - Frank Bretschneider

Loomin - Actress

Suashi - Chris Herbert

Victoria Station - Berg Nixon

Picnic On A Minefield - Warren Suicide

From Within (Marcel Dettmann mix) - Scuba

SphericalType GasHolder - Alfred Brown

Taps - Mount Kimbie

Wunschen Brunnen - 19 26 1 18 5

Beacon - LV & Untold

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