Friday, May 7, 2010


Berlin has taken a sudden slip back in to winter- time to wrap up warm, close to the horses, make more tea and keep singing. Been making up for a lack of vinyl purchases with a trawl through my cd collection digitising stuff I like. The throat singers appear on a compilation called The Musical Silk Road and the track title translates as the Eulogy for Gengis Khan. I started randomly listening to some of the tracks and a couple with voices seemed to suggest Secondo as accompaniment. The track is off his album A Matter of Scale, which I've had for some time but never connected with-it felt too bright. But on re-listening the more slowed-up whacked-out ones sound great. When I looked for pictures to go with this I googled Gengis and the first pics to come up incuded this one above. I have the same postcard in 'my postcards of men' collection. But I'd always assumed he was some Buddhist scholar. The mix was done with Technics, Traktor and Wavelab.

Gengis Khan vs Secondo - AZ201 by Crawford

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