Monday, May 4, 2009

Letter to the Laingoustine

Well, already you’re clear about this blog’s nature. It is like a meringue. Cubby pirouettes at the curvy-wurvy tippy-top, spinning out vinyl with all taste and skill. I squat rather lower down, in the denser crumbly bit, gurgitating semi-digested laptop mixes. This one being an example. It’s for Marg, in answer to her question “Where are all the women producers in techno?” So here are some of their great tunes, bludgeoned by me. If not skill, let’s hope at least there is taste. The only thing that keeps me from the gooey chewy sugary morass below.

Letter to the Laingoustine

Quio - Me Mucker

Ellen Allien - Elphine

Kate Simko - She Said

Margaret Dygas - See You Around

Dinky ft. Jorge Gonzales - No Sleep

Sarah Goldfarb - Crashed by Society

Miss Fitz - Dementia

Cassy - For You

AGF ft. Delay - Generic

Anja Schneider - Beyond the Valley

Ada - Live it Up

Magda - Panna Cotta Eyes

Monika Kruse ft. Tim Price - Spank Me Later

Leila - In the Garden


  1. Fuck i never thought i'd get off on crustacean porn
    my little whiskers are twitching looking forward to listening