Thursday, May 14, 2009

local collapse

100 Abandoned Houses Kevin Bauman

My, doesn't time fly in the blogosphere! Finally got the chance to have a 'serious ' listen to the ladies. From one feedback junkie to another, here goes.

The transition from ellen into Simko is great- i love that kind of dark reduced techno that you play plus the feel of almost live percussion. I'm surprised by the ellen allien-I've never payed much attention-any other recommendations?And the kate simko track is clinical and classy-I hadn't heard of her. Love the margaret dygas-it positively bristles as soundtraps go off.

The change of sound with agf in the middle feels like a good move to me-dancefloor damage. Only the cassy kind of throws me because I know it so well. You keep it pretty dark and trippy but playful too. And Leila's polite mayhem to close

I'm afraid you're going to have to come up with a more convincing metaphor for this blog though-if this is the sound of indigestion well then I'll have another slice.

And with this next mix there's equal parts stamping to pirouetting. From the archive:

local collapse

Local Collapse by Crawford

Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts – Can’t Argue with Silence

Onur Özer – traumbone

Henrik Schwarz & Aampondo – I exist because of you (Dixon’s Stripped Down Version)

Mihalis Safras – Interafrica

Schneider & Galluzzi – Albertino

Knowing Looks – 1= moon

Argy – Love Dose (Luciano rmx)

Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts – Yone

D.H.S. - House of God (Martin Landsky rmx)

Carl Craig – Movement 8 ( c2 version)

Henrik Schwarz / Ame/Dixon- D.P.O.M.B (version 2)


  1. Hey Cubby, sorry for not posting sooner from my tour of the Cascades and the Peaks - all nicely at home now, with windows wide to the spring breeze. Thanks for the tour of well-loved favourites - e.g. that Argy choon is as you know one of my faithful perennials - and especially pleased to see you still squatting god's house. Now what does everyone think to all this congatastic ethnofilching stuff (like the Mihalis Safras choon)? Some seem fab while others just too cheesy. So what about a challenge for you, to come up with a deeply uncheesy ethnic techno mix...

  2. P.S. Re Ellen Allien - she has a tendency towards the retro, and mainly not in a good way. But I do like the Elphine (you'll see it cropped up in different versions on both of my mixes so far) and also the Ondu/Caress EP, which belongs in a bunch-of-k set.