Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Favourites

Cloud Chamber Photographs
The New Landscape in Art and Science, 1956, Gyorgy Kepes

Here are my top tunes in 2010. What a good year it was!

Actress – Splazsh (Honest Jon’s)
Unpredictable and richly varied

Brandt Brauer Frick – You Make Me Real (!K7)
the pleasure of hearing new sounds

Culoe De Song – Webaba ep (Innervisions)
the voice,the voice

DJ Sprinkles – Masturjakor ep

dOP- Dein Verlangen rmx ep
my dream team

Harmonious Thelonious – On Stages ep (diskant)

Maayan Nidam – A Turnaround ep (Freak n Chic) / Greatest Tits EP/
( Wolf + Lamb) / Nightlong ( Powershuffle Audio)
she could do no wrong..

Nicolas Jaar – Love You Gotta Lose (Double Standards Records)
for all those lonely nights

Plastikman – Slinky (Minus)
did he ever go away?

Tumbele – Various (Soundway)
the sound of the French Caribbean

Konono No 1 vs Burnt Friedman/ Kasai Allstars vs Shackleton Rubaczech / Mukuba Special


  1. Cubby! You live! I learn! How thrilling!

  2. Yes, rumours of my demise...gross exaggeration..etc
    And there will be mixes! soon-ish
    Frohes Neues!

  3. Hey Cubby, I spent a good chunk of time listening to end of year favourite lists and yours was defo the most exciting (second was Carsten Nicolai) - I immediately had to buy the Brandt Brauer Frick vinyl (and felt sorry I had not been able to check them in London in December) and brilliant to catch up with what everyone else is doing and get an intro to Maayan Nidam. Couldn't be arsed to post my faves but rest assured it is all about the glitter pens and unicorn stickers. Frohes to you too!