Sunday, December 5, 2010


(Photo by Petr Šorfa)

Last night my ancient mechanical doorbell, which is not connected to the button at the door and does not have any power and has not made a sound for eight years, rang out for 30 seconds and then gave creepy whimpers for the next half hour. Like acid eating through the patina of Christmas cosiness and cheer, it led me away from the elegant avenues of my last two mixes towards angst-ridden alleyways. So here is a mix for exploring your claustrophobic corners of self-doubt. Like all good paranoia, it peaks early and has a long, long finish.


The Stalker – Green Velvet

Pruitt Igoe (Fall) – Kangding Ray

Look Who's Stalking – Steve Bug

Coma – Spektre

Can't Feel Anything – Jay Haze

Konrad Gets Lost On The Way To Dc10 (Konrad Black Remix) – Troy Pierce

Dazed – Maya Jane Coles

Nordlicht – Douglas Greed

Vibrant Member – Lee Curtiss

Monochrome – Maya Jane Coles ft. Cardamis

Self Conscience – Piranhahead

Fabrick – Maetrik & Maceo Plex

Even If It's Alone (Black Acid) – Troy Pierce

Even If It's Alone (Black Acid) (Louderbach Remix) – Troy Pierce

Okx – Plastikman

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  1. I have just read that a resident of the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex, now demolished, commented that it was "impossible to feel, to tell, resident from intruder" - that's exactly the kind of mood I was trying to create here.