Friday, November 5, 2010

Domestic Tourism

(Picture by Ray Caesar)

Here we go again… Another week another continent… Forever suspended mid-air… Would rather be taking a journey around my room: around the world in 80 minutes.

Domestic Tourism

Memoria - Murcof

Diferente - Gotan Project

Arianna and I - Bruno Pronsato

O Fantasma - Laolu

El Bandido - Nicolas Jaar

L2 - Martin Buttrich

Farafinya - Rosa Lux ft. Doussou Koulibaly

At Home I'm a Tourist - Bruno Pronsato

Seraglio - Onur Özer

Chopsticks - Mihalis Safras

Soultan - Butch ft. Julie Marghliano

Quicktime (Roska Remix) - Naughty

Te Quiero - Zero dB


  1. Enjoying listening to this mix- there are some great tracks. Thanks for putting me on to Nicolas Jaar and this is the first time I've 'got' any of Pronsato's tracks.The mix into Seraglio is sweet!and the one into Zero dB is monster!

  2. Lovely to hear a Bateria in full flight at the end there... made me go tingly :)

  3. Hey Cubby, give us a mix! Plus I am longing to see you and MUST make plans.