Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inchworm on a Star

So we come to the end of my summer in Copenhagen, a city where the main drag is named after a writer of fairy tales and the main attraction is the world’s oldest funfair. Every bicycle carries a Rapunzel and every bureau a Rumpelstiltsken. Caught up in this world of childlike fancy, I was inspired to make a mix that yearns for long-lost dreamworlds of gilded youth. There is something about a country without topography – everyone is equal and there ain’t a hill in sight – that makes sehnsucht (that untranslatable concept) all the more poignant. We are earthbound worms longing for the stars.

Desolation Theme – Nordine, Frisell & Horvitz

Amalia – Dinky

The Micro Disneycal World Tour – Cornelius

Blanche Neige (Kinder Cut) – dOP

Swiss Glide – Michna

Moon River – Como Carousel

Luchin – Chica & The Folder

The Snow Queen – Vikki Jackman

The Fine Art of Poisoning – Jill Tracy

Maybes – Mount Kimbie

Twin Lake – Arve Henriksen

Chim Chim Cheree – The Postelfonia

The Tinderbox – Our Sleepless Forest

Foller (Zan Lyons Remix) – Various Production

Die Gl├╝ckliche Familie – Christian Al-Kadi

Weer Alle Sind Qualle – Felix Kubin

Sugar Plum Fairy Coda (Recoda) – DJ BC

March On Swan Lake – Tomas Barfod & Fredski

White Rabbit – Noveller

Blinkende Stjerne – Kontext

Inchworm – Danny Kaye

Shoals – Taylor Deupree

Wish Upon a Star – Ringo Starr


  1. Bravo! Very satisfying. Just how I want to remember my childhood

  2. God I love this mix. That version of Moon River is like one of my earliest memories, of being about three years old and being taken to the Long Marsden steam fair. There was a steam powered organ that looked about twenty stories tall covered with brilliantly painted moving figures, my mum had a real job shifting me once I'd found that. When I listen to this I can actually smell toffee apples