Sunday, March 14, 2010


'The greatest masterpieces created by man are now bound to a freedom from death as they are contained in records, and a child of three may hold weighty spititual secrets in small hands.'
Maurice Maeterlink

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As promised, a full and frank disclosure of consumption. Records I've bought this year:

Alex Smoke – lux+


Baeka – Right At It

Basti Grub – See Seniol

Big Strick – 7 Days

Brandt Brauer Frick – Iron Man

Camp Vidab (day 1-4) – Various

Choice/ Ricardo Villalobos –Acid Eiffel/ H.E.I.K.E.

Digitaline -080808 ep

DJ Sprinkles – Masturjakor ep

dOP- Dein Verlangen rmx ep Portable/Kalabrese remixes

Fanatstic Mr Fox –Sketches ep

Field,The –Yesterday and Today Remixe

Flug 8 –Löscht dein Profil

Hieroglyphic Being - +++ 01

Joker - Untitled_RSN / Flying Lotus

Kadebostan – Vodka Wedding

Leon Segka: Kude - Bodycode mix

Mark Pritchard – Elephant Dub

Matthias Tanzmann –channo

MRI - Pilgrimage

Noze – Minimal Elvis/Maximal Michael

Pangaea – Pangaea ep

Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras –Burn Brighter Flame Oni Ayhun rmx

Ravi Shankar –four raga moods

Shellak 2 The Future Gets Involved - Various

Tom Demac/ Kink –draw me in/ bitter sweet

Tony Lionni – figure spc E

Tribal Music From East Africa - Various

XX, The - album

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