Friday, January 22, 2010


Listen to this voice...
Like two people whose paths seem to cross and then they don't...
There is some neutrality here. No, I wouldn't call it neutrality ... but a need to concentrate on each sound, so that every blade of grass would be as important as a flower...
It could be like a break on the radio. Such signals sometimes sound as if they lasted an entire life.
Of future, or past, and outside time...

~ Arvo Pärt playing and speaking of "Für Alina" in Arvo Pärt: 24 Preludes for a Fugue

(Kirlian photograph of meadow grasses by Tarrl Lightowler)
(photo and quote from the the fascinating woolgathersome.blogspot)



Fm3 - Zheng

Lawrence English & Sawako - Manufacturing Content

Chihei Hatakeyama - Starlight Reflecting on the Surface of the River

Biosphere - Birds Fly by Flapping Their Wings

Jan Jelinek - A Concert for Television

Voices, field recordings, throat singing and drumming from Smithsonian Folkways Tuva Among the Spirits


The XX - Space Bass (Jamie XX's mix)

After 5 weeks on holiday, returning to Berlin in mid January feels somewhat like being cast out of Eden. Fortunately, unlike those other postlapsarians, I've been exiled with a decent record collection.
This mix was done on Traktor with edits in Wavelab.


  1. Ha ha! Part of your ongoing fascination with voice-based (as opposed to vocal) tunes? Perhaps there's a loophoop challenge in that theme?

  2. In navigating the distinction?

  3. Somehow this had disappeared. Now it's reappeared.