Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top of the Class

My top tunes of 2009

Lowtec - Angstrom EP

Long, hypnotic and of uncertain mood.

dOP - Dein Verlangen; The Genius of the Crowd; Change!A Various ep

Basically, last year they could do no wrong. The unassailable charm of the French.

Starkey - Miracles Jamie Vexd remix

Pure synaesthesia, a head banging, bass worrying earworm

Brackles - LHC

Wayward synth action, more bass and a soul diva laments. This and Miracles are the dubstep fruit I've been waiting to get my teeth into.

Pangaea - Memories

Another wailing RNB lament with skippity bass. And I'm off.

Hieroglyphic Being -So much noise to be heard

Oh, baby I like it raw and Jamal delivers as usual.Machine music handed down by the gods.

Hauntologists - EP2

Loping, hermetic excursions

Bodycode -What did you say

It's the Imitation Lover dub that does it-all his distinctive sounds roughened up and leavened with melancholy

Jimi Tenor - Selfish Gene

An ageing bachelor tells it like it is.

Oni Ayhun 03

Techno steeped in the early 90s which neatly sidesteps nostalgia.Don't ask me how they do that.

Omar S

My introduction to him-like Autechre discovering a big button marked JACK.


  1. At the last ever redroom party, which was on Saturday night, we tried out the maximalism of Pangaea and Starkey - thoroughly engaging, but tune of the night went to Shackleton - seems like Berlin is giving him a lot of headspace.

  2. The last ever redroom party. It beggars belief. London will never be the same for me again.
    Which Shackleton? Seems appropriate-famous explorer and all, setting off into the icy wastes...oops!