Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tableau Noir

Uncle Rebus got me bad. I’ve finally come round to your way of hearing La Mezcla. Plus the high operatic camp of Ame, strings sandwiched between cowbells. And Love Spray so roks in that k-kinda-way. So here is my AfriKKKan reply. Check out the hot South African producers Culoe de Song and DJ Mabuso. And check out my hot combination (… if maybe I should have toned down the bass …) of the three tunes Congoloid, Work that Body and Insomnia. (Cheeky cheese squeeze). Plus two of my favourite tunes, The Dragon and Living Near Africa.

Tableau Noir

Ian Simmonds ft. The Ekonda Women Of Kinshasa – The Dragon

Culoe de Song – African Subway

Zombie Disco Squad & Solo – The Dance

Wighnomy Brothers – Moppal Kiff

DJ Mbuso ft. Shembe – Ukukholwa Kuwe

Solo – Congoloid (Minimow mix)

Min – Work that Body

Faithless – Insomnia (Ricardo Villalobos mix)

Jet Project – Monkey Skulls

Ilario Alicante – Living Near Africa

Stella Chiweshe – Zvinonhamo

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